” I didn’t know what to expect; I’m sort of a skeptic…had not heard of it [Healing Touch]…I’ve been surprised at the freedom from pain and I’m optimistic.”  J.J.

“Your loving spirit, commitment to the process, and deep intuition have made it a joy.” G.B.

“Her approach seems to be grounded in a thorough knowledge of methods and protocols that she has studied, while also being sensitized and attuned to subtler guidance. I trust her knowledge, her combination of confidence and humility, and her grounded and sensitive nature. I’m grateful to have her assistance in my healing and growth.” P.S.

“I don’t have pain! It’s a miracle; what a gift you have.” J.J.

“..when you touched my shoulder I felt the love pour in. You are very, very, gifted.” J.H.

“Most exceedingly excellent report from the session…I feel I’m returning to myself in a very deep way.”  J.I.

“I was really relaxed; I feel peace.” K.R.

“The addition of Healing Touch to other treatments I have been using for chronic anxiety, depression and fibromyalgia has made a HUGE difference in my ability to manage mood and pain issues that have plagued me for years. Kevyn Burn is a gifted and compassionate  healer that goes the extra mile to understand and address the entirety of one’s physical, spiritual and emotional needs in each session. Healing Touch has no side-effects, is non-invasive and can be amazingly effective.”  Karen Lawrence